When every technology fails to treat waste water, vacuum evaporation comes to the rescue.

Vacuum evaporation is the process of evaporating liquid at a lower temperature than normal by reducing pressure in chamber below vapor pressure of liquid. It helps in reduction in volume of waste liquid and recovers valuable materials for particular product.

AKWT has good experience in this technology in collaboration with our Italian partner C&G has successfully installed such units and achieved great results. We represent C&G in UAE.

Some of the sectors where this technology can be applied with great results are:

Surface treatment and plating
Photographic processing and developments
Mechanical workshops for the treatment of cooling and lubricating oily emulsions (from cooling lubricants in metal working and alike processing)
Printing inks
Production of cosmetics
Oil and petrochemical activities
Pharmaceutical industry
Dairy industries
Olive oil pressing

Some of the key advantages of vacuum evaporator are as follows:

Concentrates up to 20 times
Totally automatic
Heat pump technology
Refrigeration cycle with ecological refrigerant gas
Use of special stainless steel
Alloys for aggressive effluents