Filtration system supplier and Water treatment chemicals supplier in Dubai

A sip of life

The poignant line mentioned above says that without fresh water the healthy life is impossible to imagine regardless the human age group and race. The affect of non potable water is not only limited to the health but it has a drastic affect on the growth, learning, expectancy of life and the development in society. To save people from the contaminated the water treatment chemicals and filtration system suppliers in UAE are in great demand.


Sanitation cannot be imagined without water, and as per the reports of the World Health Organization is that around 3 billion people in the round figure on the entire globe do not have access or availability of the proper sanitization, while more than one billion people do not have a perfect potable fresh water.

As per the reports every four hundred individuals out of the thousands across the African and south Asian rural areas do not have the rest rooms, which results in that on any given day twenty individuals in these rural areas of Africa and south Asia suffer from diarrhoea, while out of these twenty individuals fifteen are children that belong to the age group of 0 to 5 years. Save your children with the help of The families also suffer due to the poor or no water supply, which results in the three hours per day to carry or haul fresh water every day from the distant resources to homes in the life of the residents of the African and south Asian rural areas.

Seriousness of diarrhoea

Diarrhoea is the disease that is mainly caused by the fresh water with the faecal contamination present into it and mostly the deaths takes place among the children who are below the age of five.

Poverty and contaminated water

It is challenging for a poor women to keep the water safe from the contamination in the presence of the over excretion. The poverty leads to the failure of payment to the proper pipe system and the victims of these are women of these regions by the end of the day.

As a Water treatment chemicals supplier in Dubai, UAE Al Khabeer believes that the poverty is also responsible for many problems; these problems emerge when the head of the family who are mainly males on the basis of patriarchal ideology fail to be productive in terms of sustenance, which results into the poverty and later the family fails to meet the basic requirements of the life.

This poverty also hustles the women or females of the family to be more prone to the water related diseases as there is less or not proper sanitation, while the females have to carry the water from the distant sources in order to meet their daily fresh water requirement.