Odor Control Unit

Odor Control Unit Supplier in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, UAE

Odor may be caused by a variety of odorous compounds generated by various wastewater processes. Majority of odors generated in wastewater treatment facilities are Amines (fishy odor quality), Ammonia, NH3 (ammoniac odor quality), Diamines (decayed flesh odor quality), Hydrogen Sulfide, H2S (rotten eggs odor quality), Organic Sulfides (rotten cabbage odor quality), etc.

In terms of odor control, activated carbon is used to adsorb odorous compounds into the activated carbon material. Odorous air passes across a bed of activated carbon, resulting occurrence of the adsorptive process and releasing the clean air into the atmosphere.

AKWT has plenty of experience in this field and has successfully installed ODU’s in UAE.