Five Reasons why you need ultrafiltration ?

Ultra filtration is the process to remove or reduce silt concentration in the water and removal of particulates that can foul reverse osmosis membranes.

Where can we use ultrafiltration?

Ultra filtration can be employed to pretreat surface water, seawater or saline water and treated municipal water upstream of the reverse osmosis unit.

Why to use ultrafiltration?

Some Ultra filtration suppliers in Dubai have mentioned certain aspects which can be quoted as:

  • It is compact and highly efficient.
  • Low maintenance cost as it does not require any chemicals but only cleaning membranes.
  • It requires 50% lesser space than other legacy water treatment systems.
  • UF pre treatment enhances the life of reverse osmosis membranes while treating high density silt waters.

We have links of several filter suppliers and water treatment chemical suppliers in UAE where the parchment membranes and other chemicals required for cleaning of heavy silt density water are easily available.

UF can remove organic molecules and viruses as well, it has gained popularity as it is highly efficient and removes around 90% of pathogens in pre treatment phase of water. The modern membrane technology used in UF process started in late 1990s when polymeric membrane processing and chemistry was employed to manufacture membranes.

Several industrial waste water treatment suppliers in UAE who are into this industry for more than a decade have reported the satisfactory behavior and responses of various industries as clients where UF process is being employed like textiles, steel and iron etc. The global UF process market has seen a surge in the demand but since the emergence of pandemic the market cover has fallen drastically.

UF has been a revolutionary development so as to improve health and hygiene of the people and derive benefits from a clean water as per industrial and commercial needs.

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