Sewage Treatment: Innovative way to tackle water pollution

With the rapid and continuous increase in population and industrialization, fresh and clean water is hard to be obtained. This has increased the demands of various water treatment products in the market. Water is the basic need of every living being and consumption of unhygienic or contaminated water can adversely affect us. Major reasons of water pollution are industrial waste, domestic dump, sewage and wastewater discharge and urbanization. Noah Aqua is known to be a leading sewage treatment plant supplier in Saudi Arabia. It is widely known to own the best and optimizable treatment supplies for all of your water and effluent treatment needs.

Let's take a look at how sewage treatment plants will help us to tackle water pollution.

Treats Harmful substances: Wastewater or contaminated water goes through several levels of treatments to ensure that the water is free of harmful substances and elements providing drinkable and environment-friendly water. Sewage treatment plants remove harmful substances most likely to be produced through domestic and industrial waste like pathogens, carbon, heavy metals, suspended solid waste and various other chemicals.

Eco-friendly Reutilization: As we know, the demand is more than availability of fresh water. By reusing treated wastewater or effluent for various purposes, we can reduce the excessive use of fresh water where it can be avoided or say, non-potable purposes like irrigation, industrial uses, toilet-flushing, firefighting, cleaning and sanitization, etc. Conservation of Water bodies: Before discharging the treated water into water bodies for use, water is carefully examined to be free of chemicals and harmful chemicals and fit for use. Treated water, also known as effluent, goes through quality inspections before being released into rivers, lakes or other water bodies and hence preventing water pollution and conserving water bodies.

Prevents Waterborne diseases: Polluted water can cause various harmful diseases caused by parasites, chemicals and reactants. Water Sewage treatment plants not only remove such harmful water infectants but also ensures to lock the disinfectants in water to provide fresh, uncontaminated and clean water supply and preventing waterborne diseases for a long time.

Ecological Preservation: Water sewage plants purify water and maintain eco-logical balance and aquatic purity. It helps in preserving naturally occurring substances and overall environment.

Safety of Aquatic animals: Release of contaminated, harmful and Polluted water not only affect human lives but also widely affect aquatic life. Sewage treatment plants removes infectious substances and help in preserving aquatic lives. Greenhouse Gas Mitigation: As sewage treatment plants prevent the emission of harmful substances and greenhouse gases like Methane (CH4), Carbon dioxide (CO2), Nitrous oxide (N2O) in the environment, hence it prevents the environment from greenhouse effect.

It is absolutely necessary to keep our waterbodies clean and healthy as you know that there is only limited amount of fresh water on the earth which is fit for human use. Noah Aqua is extensively known for its effluent treatment plant in UAE which provides top-notch services and helps in the reuse of effluent treated plants and hence, sustain water bodies from exploitation. Hence, in order to experience top-notch, extensive and high-quality services from one of the most trusted water treatment companies of UAE.