Invaluable, hydrating and refreshing glass filled with life that quenches out thirst

A sip of life

We know that almost ninety eight percent of water is salt water on earth but out of which the almost 2 percent is the fresh water that are found in rivers and under earth water, and this water is the source of life on the land. Crystal clear water if is contaminated with the micro-organisms or other impurities then it is not good for health.

The clear water is recycled by the water treatment plants that are supported by a firm Al Khabeer which is supplier of Reverse Osmosis supplier in Dubai, Water treatment chemicals, filter, ozone, absorbent and spill kitin Dubai-UAE.

How to know that that water which we are about to drink is contaminated?

The water we drink if changes its colour or stinks then we will not quench our thirst with it because we know that it is contaminated, but many times the contamination invisible. The research has found that one out of ten people have if hold a glass with limpid water can only guarantee that their water is filled with the perfectly potable water as per the science.

The poor sanitation and maintenance of the drinking water sources allow the contamination of pure water with sewage and faeces. So the water becomes home of the bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms those who once go into our stomach damages the digestive system until the proper treatment arrives.

Diarrheal infection has become the main cause of the deaths of the children that are under the age of five across the globe and as per the UN report of 2010 the microbial infection of water kills more people on earth than killed during the violence of war

Seriousness of diarrhoea

Diarrhoea is the disease that is mainly caused by the fresh water with the faecal contamination present into it and mostly the deaths takes place among the children who are below the age of five.

The important measures to treat water

In the water treatment plant three process are main known as sedimentation, filtration and disinfection. So one the water is taken in by the cleaning facility then it is ready to get cleaned.

Sedimentation is part of the water treatment process in which the gravity works as the sewage is left here without disturbing it for days so the impurities may get sediment or reaches the bottom leaving the unclean water separate.

Filtration is process in which the filters are used to prep the water for the final treatment.

The chemicals like chlorine and ozone creating chemicals are added that kill the infections within the water.Chlorine is highly effective in purging the micro-organisms found with in the water treatment chemicals supplier in Dubai. But there should be no imbalance during the use of chlorine because it may trigger the other chemical reactions also, which will not be good for health.