Pollution, Improper waste management and population

As the world population is growing day by day the problem of waste material is also raising the head, for sure the waste treatment plants are playing vital role for the green revolution, recycling and reuse of the daily essentials. The growing population brings urbanization; the urbanization causes pollution on large scale that the Earth would take years to manage to decompose those harmful wastes and here lies the importance of waste management system.

On the earth the greeneries of the lands are vanishing and the water is getting polluted badly because the population is getting denser and mankind is acquiring natural landscapes to dwell, the balance of the ecosystem has shattered badly, to mitigate the situation waste management companies embarked the fight to save environment. The humans create two hundred and forty six million tons of waste every year; the use of plastic is one of the major causes of the pollution.

The pollution is not only that has destroyed the ecosystem but also inflicted the health of a normal human being, the new types of diseases and sufferings are taking place and the best example could be Covid 19 pandemic. The pollution which is visible is the only result of improper waste. The waste can be defined as household waste, industrial waste, health care waste, bio medical, plastic waste and hydrocarbon waste etc. These wastes if not managed properly become a challenge in the form of pollution. The study says that the people living in more densely polluted cities have less life than the dwell within the natural vicinity, so the primary effect of the pollution is on the human health, which shortens the life eventually.

The increased respiratory problems, heart attacks; lung diseases and even immunity etc. are on the rise, as the land, air and water contamination is on the progress. The acid rains and smog are the visible examples but there are lot of problem started inside our bodies that will reveal its existence on one fine day, this would be because of pollution. In order to cut down the pollution effect, one of the advices given by the health care professionals’ is to drink treated water and somewhere Al Khabeer also plays role as a Reverse Osmosis supplier in Dubai.

Water is the top source of life on the earth and if it is not potable then it becomes the top source of contamination also, the best example is diarrheal gut infection. As a filtration system supplier in Dubai, the Al Khabeer abides to the obligations towards the environment and mankind. The problem is not only limited to water contamination but also the scarcity of the fresh water globally, due to the green house gases the earth’s surface is not receiving optimum amount of rain, so the only artificial way to recycle the waste water lies at the hands of the firms like AL Khabeer water treatment . The recycling and making water to reuse has changed the future of the world as this fresh water is not used only of consumption but also for agriculture, this how the problem of growing population is solved to the considerable extent.