Water Treatment UAE

Al Khabeer Water Treatment LLC is one of the helpful companies in the United Arab Emirates that handles water and wastewater biological treatment from conception to commissioning, followed by excellent after-sales services and maintenance. In order to address the rising demand for water treatment products as a result of the continued freshwater deficit, the depleted water table, and environmental concerns, AKWT has established itself as a key participant and a provider of environmentally friendly goods and services to the GCC market.

Benefits of water treatment
Provides reusable and clean water

This makes it clear that wasting even wastewater harms the environment. Therefore, if there is any water that, despite treatment, cannot be used for consumption, it should be treated so that it won't harm the environment. In addition, cleaning the wastewater at an industrial water treatment facility might yield clean water for reusing. If more filtration is needed, it can be made fit for human consumption.

Generates energy

Isn't water the source of electricity? Therefore, the industrial water treatment facility can run entirely on the energy it produces while treating the water. Yes, energy can be produced as the water purification process continues. Additionally, it has the option of selling the remaining electricity to the national grid for widespread usage.

Defend the environment

Chemical components are among the many waste items found in wastewater. It is potentially lethal to leave the industrial sector's released water out in the open because it contains a dangerous chemical. In such a situation, the industrial water treatment facility will purge the water of any dangerous chemicals and compounds. In this manner, two things will occur. The water can first be used again for domestic or commercial purposes. Second, you may also contribute to reducing environmental pollution.

Services we provide to treat the wastewater
Wastewater operation and maintenance

The best solution is water recycling because businesses and industry need a lot of water every day for numerous purposes. Water waste can be cleaned by plants to the point that it can be reused.

pH neutralizer for acid wastewater lab

The neutralisation process can be used to treat acid sewage that contains metals by increasing the pH of the acid wastewater with a basic reagent, producing a precipitate, and then collecting the precipitate.

Absorbents kit suppliers in UAE

As it absorbs all water-based fluids, they may safely retain a variety of potentially harmful substances like oil, diesel, gas, and coolants.

Filtration system supplier in Dubai

The filtered water can ensure total hygiene when cooking food that needs water. These points show that building a water filtration system is necessary wherever you are.

Spill kit supplier in Dubai

It can be used to clean up nearly all fluid kinds. Both water and oil will be simultaneously absorbed by them, making them particularly useful for ordinary spill clean up tasks.