What lies in between source to community and vice versa in the water treatment ?

A sip of life

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Raw Water and its supply

We get the water from its source and treat it to make it potable, and the water we get from the any natural resources like rivers, wells and seas etc is called raw water. The water is supplied from the water source to city, town and industrial areas etc. The biggest challenge is that whatever is the demand of water by the certain community, can water be supplied from the source in an optimum amount to fulfil the demand

Environmental Engineering (Raw water Engg.) and its role in water supply

Once the demand of the water is estimated to supply it to the city or Village etc. then the source of the water is searched to cope with the estimated demand. After the estimation of the demand is done and the source to cope with the demand is also marked then another issue is the water which is meant to be supplied, and the issue related with the certain water is that does it have an appropriate amount of minerals required by the human body or the water endures the agents that may cause the intoxication in the human body. Call Al Khabeer the reverse osmosis supplier UAE!

So here any educated mind will suggest that the treatment should be done but Environmental Engineering proposes more appropriate approach that before talking about the treatment the quality check of the water is very important because it is rational way to decide the quantity of desirable or undesirable substance in the water as the treatment would be based on such measures.

The quality check of the water casts the light on the measures that if there is the scarcity of the certain desirable substance then it should be added to the water and in case if some of the un desirable substance are present should be separated from the water. There are the rare chances of the presence of the substances into the water in appropriate proportion same as an ideal composition of the natural water is then only chlorination of the water is required to eliminate the biological impurities

Distribution and conveyance system

In the Environmental Engineering after quality check the treatment of raw water comes, and after the treatment comes the matter of supply. When it comes to supply after bringing the water to an ideal condition for use then distribution and conveyance system come in use.

Disposal of the waste water (Waste Water Engineering)

When the water is supplied then it is estimated generally that eighty percent of the water is wasted, and here one thing is important to understand that we cannot let this waste water to flow and travel throughout the population or open area because this will raise the serious environmental hazards, so this water is needed to be disposed.

If the waste water that endures the organic matter in large numbers is directly dumped into the natural water bodies then it will ruin the aquatic eco system, so it is necessary to treat the waste water and make it ideal for an aquatic eco system then to dispose it into the sources like river or seas etc. Water treatment chemicals supplier in UAE.

So the method of taking the waste water after giving it a suitable treatment to make it fit to dump it into the river or seas is called waste water engineering. Are you thinking of the filtration system, oil interceptor, water treatment chemicals and reverse osmosis supplier in UAE? If yes, then contact Al Khabeer now!