Car wash recycling system supplier in Dubai, UAE

Conserving water should be our top priority today. With time clean water is getting scarce and increasingly expensive, saving water means saving money (reduced water consumption & sewer discharge cost).

We are exclusive agent of Wasserschmidt in UAE & Middle East. Wasserschmidt is one of finest German company that has specialized in biological waste water treatment systems for car/vehicle wash & workshops. Wasserschmidt is a selected vendor for BMW, AUDI, Mercedez & Volswogen workshops in entire Europe. We are fastest company to get approval as approved car wash recycling supplier from ADNOC-UAE.

Our biological systems are based on tried and tested 3-stage biological systems in waste water treatment plants. The three stages are: mechanical pre-treatment, biological treatment and secondary mechanical treatment.

Our patented moving bed bio reactor technology reflects our technological advantage of our bio classic system range compared to all other biological methods and no other technology comes even close.


  • Huge reduction in maintenance and operation cost
  • I. No Enzyme is required (other brands uses enzyme & other consumables)
    II. No frequent cleaning of tanks required (other brands periodic cleaning in 3 months is required)

  • Excellent energy saving. Installed power is 2.5kw while absorbed power is only less than 0.75kw & varies with load (Other brands, power consumption is much higher and constant even during less load time)
  • Trouble free operation. Compared to other brands, break down frequency is very less.
  • Superior technology and totally automated and user friendly operation & control.
  • 100% waste water is recycled for washing. No fresh water is required for recycling process.
  • Small foot print, compact unit compared to other brands
  • Control box with animated touchscreen
  • No Foam carry over, which is a big concern with other brands
  • Our system can be integrated for trouble shooting and malfunction with service provider directly, meaning system fault message will come to AKWT much before it is noticed by any one.

If you are looking for a new system or maintenance of existing system, feel free to contact us.

Letter from Principal