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Industrial Waste Water Treatment plant Supplier in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, UAE

AL KHABEER WATER TREATMENT LLC LLC is one of the finest companies in UAE dealing in water and waste water treatment systems right from concept till commissioning, followed by quality after sales services and maintenance. We serve environment with passion and commitment.

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AKWT has emerged as a key player and provider of Industrial waste water treatment supplier in UAE with environmentally friendly products & services to the GCC market, allowing it to meet the increasing demand for water treatment products caused by a combination of factors, including a depleted water table, rising environmental concerns, and a lack of available freshwater. We are a Sewage treatment plant supplier in Dubai, Chlorine controller system supplier in Dubai. In addition to these, our other offerings include a Vehicle wash recycling system, specialty chemicals for boiler, chiller, and cooling tower treatment, and water purification systems, including filtration, softening, deionization, ultraviolet disinfection (UV), and ozone oxidation (O3), and more are all our expertise. We supply our customers with water treatment chemicals and Wastewater Operation & Maintenance contracts. Every one of our goods is handled by a team of experts with years of training and experience in their particular sector. We pride ourselves on being customer service driven and result-oriented. We are the official representatives of many well-known brands.


The term "industrial wastewater treatment" refers to the various procedures and processes utilized to treat waters contaminated in some way by anthropogenic industrial or commercial operations before either releasing them into the environment or reusing them. The production of commercial goods results in the creation of a by-product known as industrial wastewater. Water is required for nearly every step of production across various industries, whether it be oil and gas, food and beverages, or paper and chemical products. This includes the food we eat, the beverages we drink, the clothing we wear, and the products we use.

When water is utilized in the manufacturing process, it has the potential to pick up a wide variety of contaminants. Before water can be discharged from an industrial manufacturing facility, these contaminants must be removed to acceptable levels. The following are some examples of typical ingredients that may require treatment: total suspended solids (TSS), fats, oils, and grease (FOG), pH, bacteria, selenium, heavy metals, and any other controlled chemicals or compounds. We are an Industrial waste water treatment supplier in Dubai; our treatment plants are widely used for water treatment in diverse industries. Our treatment plants are among the most efficient and trustworthy water treatment options since we use innovative filtration and water treatment technologies.

Most of the water filtration, purification and Wastewater Operation & Maintenance solutions are included in our portfolio of renewable energy sources since they can reduce energy consumption, increase water reuse, and contribute to sustainability.


People Says

We would like to thank team of Al Khabeer water treatment for your outstanding service and back up support. Your team is highly active and provided us trouble shoot 24x7, which is highly commendable. You have won our heart through your after sales service.

We look forward to work with you in all our projects and highly recommend your company to everyone looking for quality products and excellent services

Vipin Ramachandran, Executive Director

This is to state that we would like to thank Al Khabeer Water Treatment LLC for providing us quality car wash recycling system and services. The installed plant is very efficient and doing a great job in treating hazardous and loaded waste water from our carwash.

Here we have fully occupied 6 manual wash bays, The waste water has contaminants which doesn't qualify it to be discharged to sewer hut with state of art technology provided by AKWT, the treated water is recycled for quality car wash.

Our plant is running successfully for over a year now without any operational issue. We recommend them to everyone concerned due to thier class technology, quality and reliable services. Furthermore, from our end due to our environmental awareness we don't use hazardous chemicals or diesel at our Car wash facility.

Bawabat Al Khaleej Car Services Centre, Sharjah-UAE